Her Brother Claimed That Her Sister’s Husband Admitted To Being Attracted To Her At A Family Barbecue, But She Thinks Her Brother Might Just Be Lying To Get Her To Quit Her Nannying Job

“And my brother said that my sister’s husband said things about me,” she revealed.

“He didn’t say exactly what because he said it was vulgar, but he basically said that my brother-in-law is attracted to me. And my brother really kept pushing that he didn’t think I should be left alone with my brother-in-law.”

But honestly, she is having a hard time coming to terms with that since her brother-in-law has always been extremely sweet and respectful of her.

Plus, she has known him for so long that, by this point, she views him as her actual brother.

Her brother-in-law is also a wonderful dad and treats her sister great, too. So, they have never had any creepy situations that lined up with her brother’s claims.

That’s why she decided to confide in her best friend about the situation– because, understandably, she was pretty alarmed by what her brother said.

And afterward, her best friend brought up an interesting point. Her brother knows that every morning, she is alone with her brother-in-law to watch her sister’s twins.

Additionally, if what her brother claimed was true, then he knows she would have to quit nannying her sister’s kids.

So, her friend essentially believes that her brother might just be lying about her brother-in-law saying creepy things about her in order to get her to quit and nanny for her brother’s child instead.

Apparently, this is somewhat believable to her, too.

“My brother isn’t a bad person, but he definitely has done questionable things and then justified them in his own head in the past,” she said.

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