Her Husband Divorced Her To Be With Her Own Sister

SERGEI - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman and her soon-to-be ex-husband, who is 34, were together for nearly nine years. So they first met when she was a teenager, and after starting their relationship, they had two children together.

Now, they are still technically married. However, they’re still currently going through the divorce process – even though they split back in August of 2023 – because her husband decided to leave her.

“Our relationship was toxic, I know that for sure. We just were not good for each other,” she recalled.

Not to mention, while she was pregnant with their second child, her husband was unfaithful.

Plus, throughout their marriage, he was always “very rampant” when it came to gaslighting her and invalidating her feelings.

More recently, though, the unthinkable happened in her life when her husband broke the news that he was moving in with another woman. It wasn’t just any woman, either. Rather, she found out that her husband is actually moving in with her own sister, who’s in her forties.

After telling her that he was moving in with her sister, her husband also confirmed that there was something going on between them. This felt like a slap in the face to her, too, and she immediately began sobbing.

“I obviously broke down crying when hearing that, and he got annoyed that I was so upset,” she said.

Then, she proceeded to tell her husband that it was extremely messed up – like, really messed up – to divorce her only to get with her own sister.

SERGEI – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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