In 2011, She Left For A Trip To Miami With Her Boyfriend And Never Returned Home

Investigators also followed up with Alexander, but he did allegedly not cooperate with authorities and reportedly provided conflicting stories about Alivia’s whereabouts.

For instance, he first detailed how she had remained in Florida. He also claimed to have dropped Alivia off at her apartment in Mount Washington.

So, on March 30, 2011, the police did obtain a search warrant to comb Alexander’s home. There, investigators discovered a stolen gun, among other items.

This discovery led Alexander to be charged with possession and receiving stolen property– which he pled guilty to. Afterward, he served a jail sentence of three months.

In terms of Alivia’s case, however, authorities did not discover any evidence at Alexander’s home linking him to her disappearance.

Two years later, in May 2013, investigators also searched the wooded region located behind the Allegheny County Airport– where Alivia’s cell phone had last pinged before being turned off. But unfortunately, this effort yielded no results, either.

While authorities have not uncovered any evidence of foul play in Alivia’s disappearance, though, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does believe that she might have been a victim of trafficking.

So, while the exact circumstances surrounding Alivia’s case remain unknown, her loved ones have continued searching.

Online, Alivia’s family created a Facebook page entitled “Break The Silence For Alivia Kail” to help share her story and raise awareness about her case.

“It’s been very difficult on my life as far as normal things, every day, working, trying to do that, and the struggle and the chain wrapped around me,” Alivia’s mother, Christine Didiano, said in a 2013 interview with WTAE.

“I don’t want the chain anymore. The chain needs to come off of me, and that’s going to happen when Alivia is found, so then at least I can continue to fight for her, for the crime, and then settle it, and then myself and my children can go ahead and live and get back to normal, because nothing’s been normal.”

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