In 2015, She Strangely Disappeared After Leaving A Note Behind For Her Two Sons

Later, Natasha was then dropped off at a reclaimed mine with an unidentified male acquaintance. And according to the man, Natasha ran into a heavily wooded area out of nowhere– never returning back.

“I just figured she was going to stay somewhere for the night. She didn’t come back,” Ola explained.

“It went on for two weeks. I was really worried, but I didn’t let the boys know it.”

One month after Natasha vanished, her grandmother reported her missing. And to this day, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance have remained unclear.

Authorities have continued to investigate her case. Recently, a nonprofit organization known as Texas EquuSearch also joined the effort– providing free search services.

Ola has continued searching for her granddaughter, too. Online, a Facebook page entitled “Where’s Natasha” was launched to share Natasha’s story and raise awareness about the case.

“We want her brought home. We are looking for her anyway in the world. We want to know where she is. Her boys love her and want her home. I want her home. Everybody wants her home,” Ola said.

“She loved her boys. We love her, and we miss her.”

At the time of Natasha’s disappearance, she stood between five foot seven and five foot ten, weighed between 120 and 130 pounds, and had dyed blonde hair and green/hazel eyes. Natasha also had pierced ears and a flower tattoo on her lower back. She would be 39 years old today.

There is a $15,000 reward available for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for Natasha’s disappearance. If you have any information regarding her case, you are urged to contact the Kentucky State Police at (606) 435-6069.

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