In 2015, She Strangely Disappeared After Leaving A Note Behind For Her Two Sons

Facebook - pictured above is Natasha

Natasha Fugate Jones was a mother of two who adored her children and was known to have a bubbly personality.

“Natasha was a great person. She could be funny; she could be witty. She could be hateful, too. I loved her like my own,” said Ola Chaffins, Natasha’s grandmother.

But, in 2015, the 31-year-old was supposed to be in a Harlan, Kentucky, inpatient drug rehabilitation facility. Instead, she left and traveled to her grandmother’s house– where her two kids were living.

Then, on May 7 of that year, tragedy struck when Natasha strangely disappeared.

That day, Ola returned home from a doctor’s appointment and realized that her granddaughter was not at home. However, this did not set off alarm bells since it was not unusual for Natasha to be out with friends, go for a walk, or hike through the woods.

Eventually, it did start to get dark, so Ola told Natasha’s two sons to start getting ready for bed. At that point, one of Natasha’s boys found a note left under their pillow.

The note reportedly detailed how Natasha planned to find somewhere for her and her two boys to stay. She also claimed to love her sons in the letter, said she would only be gone for a couple of days and told her sons not to be sad because she would be back soon.

“I didn’t want to show the boys I was worried. I asked Natasha’s son if he had heard from her. He said no,” Ola recalled.

It was determined that Natasha had been picked up from her grandmother’s house by an unknown female friend. Some reports indicated that she had headed out to attend a party.

Facebook – pictured above is Natasha

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