She Had To Miss The Birth Of Her Baby Because She Was In The Same Hospital Getting A Life-Saving Procedure

She was in a life-or-death situation. Jane rushed to the hospital with her, and she was knocked out for her surgery. 

Jane wasn’t by her side when she woke up the next day. As it turns out, Jane went into labor during her surgery.

Her brother-in-law came into her room to tell her Jane had given birth in the same hospital. She was ecstatic to learn about the birth of their son but devastated that she missed it. 

Jane’s mother and sister told her the birth went very smoothly. Jane was in labor for only four hours, and the doctors said everything was going well for her and the baby. 

“I had to spend the night under supervision, but as soon as I was allowed to leave, I went to the maternity wing to see my girlfriend and baby,” she remembered.

“At the time, all negative emotions were smothered by our bundle of joy. But over the months, Jane has been showing more and more signs of resentment towards me.”

Things got really tense the other night during what was supposed to be a relaxing date night for her and Jane. 

She had an entertaining evening planned. Their baby was with his grandmother; she ordered Jane’s favorite takeout food, had a collection of movies ready to go, and arranged for a cozy at-home spa night. 

However, Jane didn’t seem very enthusiastic about their date night at all and was acting off. Finally, she asked Jane what was wrong and found out she was still angry with her for not being there during the birth of their son.

They argued back and forth for a while, and she told Jane she was selfish for saying that. She asked Jane if she understood just how serious her heart surgery was, and Jane got up to leave.

Jane told her she wouldn’t be patronized and had never been so disrespected. She then cut-off date night early and went to bed. 

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