She Planned To Make A Crochet Blanket For Her Brother’s Wedding Gift, But Her Friends Think It’s A Cheap Idea

“Most of the comments I got is that it would be seen as cheap and a waste of space in their home,” she revealed.

“My best friend even said that it would be best to get something off the gift registry and that giving a blanket is kind of a plain gift to give someone at their wedding.”

According to her, though, her brother and his fiancée do not even have a gift registry, and she doesn’t think they will create one because they simply “are not those kinds of people.”

She was also pretty disappointed by her friends’ reaction to her wedding gift because the yarn she bought was not cheap.

She tried to explain this to her friends, too, but since none of them crochet, she didn’t think they fully understood her perspective.

Still, she has already spent about $80 on the yarn. Plus, she will likely have to buy more yarn to finish the blanket and still has to purchase fabric backing for the other side of the blanket.

She has also only ever made smaller projects for her brother in the past– such as hats– so this is her first time crocheting a blanket.

And while she was excited about it in the beginning, her friend’s comments started to freak her out.

“I’m just worried that I chose the wrong thing and already invested a good amount of money and time in a gift that would be seen as useless,” she said.

Thankfully, her mom does think that her blanket idea will make a great gift. But her friends have not backed down and keep telling her to buy her brother and his fiancé something else.

So, she’s feeling pretty conflicted about what to do. On the positive side, she believes that if she decides to get her brother a different gift, she could probably still save up money from her job in time to buy another present.

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