She Told People Not To Eat The Food At Her Sister’s Wedding Because She Found Out Her Mom Had Just Frozen And Defrosted The Food From Her Own Nuptials Eight Months Ago

Anyway, the ceremony over the long weekend was reportedly beautiful, and everything seemed to be off to a wonderful start.

But then, during the reception, the food buffet was eventually revealed, and she noticed something pretty strange.

“The food looked eerily familiar. Like, identical to what I had for my wedding except for a little more dried out and sad,” she explained.

So, she waited until there was an “opening” and approached her mom about where the food came from.

And at that point, her mom actually “happily” admitted to “saving a fortune” by just freezing the food from her wedding and defrosting it to serve to her sister’s wedding guests!

Now, that immediately horrified her, and she brought up some pretty valid safety concerns. Nonetheless, her mom just became upset with her, accused her of behaving like a snob, and claimed she should just be glad the food didn’t go to waste.

“I argued that it was never going to be wasted, but my mom wouldn’t hear it,” she added.

That’s why, while she did not want to cause a scene, she was still seriously nervous about her sister’s wedding guests getting sick. So, she snuck away to find Callie and spill the beans.

After her sister found out about what happened, Callie was extremely embarrassed. Her sister also mentioned how their mom had made a passing comment about saving money on the food, but Callie never questioned it since her sister didn’t want to foot a huge food bill as she did.

Then, her sister just thanked her for the warning and told her not to eat any of the buffet food.

“And from there, my husband and I discretely started telling some guests to be weary of the food, and the rest of the night was fine,” she said.

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