She Wanted To Treat Her Sister’s Family To A Steakhouse Dinner, But When Her Nephew Ordered A $190 Steak, Things Went South

“I ask my brother-in-law if he is sure. He looks at the kid, smiles, and says no problem.”

Her nephew’s meal took up almost half the table when the food came out. As she expected, he was only able to eat less than a quarter of the steak and only had a few bites of the sides.

“When the bill came, I asked to pay for seven meals, all the drinks, and all the tip,” she said.

“The tomahawk steak [was] on a separate bill for my brother-in-law. He paid with ill grace.”

Her sister seemed disappointed and said the money her husband spent on the steak was taken from the amount they saved to take everyone to see a movie.

While she felt bad their movie night was ruined, she felt that her brother-in-law was a jerk for trying to get her to pay an absurd amount for a meal his son couldn’t finish.

Did she do anything wrong, or was she right to make her brother-in-law pay for the expensive steak?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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