She Wants Her Cat And Dog To Go Down The Aisle At Her Wedding Instead Of Having A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer, But Her Sister-In-Law Is Trying To Get Her To Include Her Niece And Nephew Instead

“I brought up the idea of having our dog Mika and our cat Tibby fill the roles,” she explained.

“Understand, Mika and Tibby are like children to us! They helped me through my deepest depression; I honestly think I wouldn’t be here anymore if I didn’t have to stick around to take care of them.”

Mika and Tibby have seen her and her fiancé through hard times. For instance, when her fiancé was sick and had to go through chemo, they were there with cuddles.

Her fiancé loved the idea of having Mika and Tibby in the wedding, so they decided to make their roles official.

However, when her sister-in-law found out about their pets being in the wedding, she was not happy.

“My sister-in-law took me aside later and asked why we gave ‘Ava and Liam’s roles’ to our animals,” she recalled.

“I was confused, and she explained that since Ava and Liam were ‘her miracle rainbow babies,’ that ‘obviously’ they should be the flower girl and ring bearer.”

Then, her sister-in-law said that having the twins in the wedding would be great for the entire family and that having animals in a wedding isn’t traditional.

Her sister-in-law asked her to reconsider and then unexpectedly showed her a picture of Ava wearing a flower girl dress on her phone to show her how cute she would be in her wedding.

“I told her that I wouldn’t make any decisions without my fiancé’s input, then I changed the subject,” she said.

When she spoke to her fiancé, he said that although he wouldn’t mind Ava and Liam taking those roles, he would prefer keeping their animals in the ceremony instead.

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