She’s Furious With Her Dad For Telling Her She Has To Get Rid Of Her Cat So His New Fiancée Can Move In With Them

maryviolet - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

Meeting someone that’s allergic to your beloved pet is quite the challenge. Some couples are willing to make sacrifices for one another and live with allergies. However, some people are not as willing to compromise.

One teenager is furious with her dad after his fiancée told her she’d have to get rid of her cat in order for her to move in.

She’s 16 years old and lives with her 42-year-old dad. When she was five, her mom left home, and she hasn’t seen her since. Her dad has been dating his new girlfriend, Kris, for two years.

“We definitely aren’t close,” she said. “It’s kind of me doing my thing and Kris doing her thing. I figured I’ll be out of the house soon, so it doesn’t really matter if my dad’s girlfriend and I don’t get along.”

However, there is one big problem with Kris. Kris claims to be allergic to her cat. She got her cat as a kitten when she was 13 years old and cares about her very much. Her cat has helped her through a lot of rough times.

“When Kris first came over, she saw my cat and said she was allergic,” she recalled.

“Well, I don’t believe it. She has been over for multiple days. Her eyes don’t get puffy or watery, she doesn’t sound congested or anything, and she also doesn’t get hives or a rash.”

Even though Kris has no visible allergy symptoms at their house, she still complains about her allergies and says she’s allergic to the cat.

Recently, her dad proposed to Kris, and she said yes. Kris lives in an apartment, and her lease is about to end, so she and her dad discussed her moving in with them.

maryviolet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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