She Doesn’t Want To Allow Her Brother To Bring His Girlfriend To Her Wedding After She Overheard Him Telling Her Fiancé Stories About How Great This Girl Is In Bed

sorin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s a shame when you aren’t a big fan of someone your sibling ends up dating. One woman had a bad first impression of her brother’s new girlfriend and now doesn’t want her to be his plus-one at her wedding.

She’s 27 years old and is due to marry her fiancé, Alex, this summer. She’s very close with her 31-year-old brother named Matthew. Alex and Matthew also have a good relationship, so Matthew will be the best man in their wedding.

Matthew helped organize Alex’s bachelor party trip and surprisingly met a girl there named Marla, who he really liked.

A few weeks later, Marla flew across the country to their city to visit and fell in love with her brother. They decided to date and pursue a long-distance relationship.

She was surprised at how quickly her brother fell for Marla but tried to keep an open mind, especially since she and Alex went through a long-distance period for a while too.

Matthew asked her if he could bring Marla as his date to her rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, and she said yes, although she thought it was a bit early in their relationship for her to meet their family.

However, her openness towards Marla changed when she overheard a conversation between Matthew and Alex that she didn’t like.

Matthew began telling Alex some dirty and inappropriate things about Marla, and she became insecure as she heard Alex reacting to the stories enthusiastically.

“I pretended I didn’t hear it, but I was extremely triggered because Alex seemed a little too interested, and I was a little disgusted that my brother would discuss his intimacy like that,” she explained.

sorin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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