She’s Helping You Determine If Your Crush Is Into You Based On Their Zodiac Sign

The Aquarius zodiac sign is known for being emotionally detached, but Meghan Rose clarifies their emotional detachment only happens with people they don’t trust or don’t care to get to know further.

When an Aquarius is into you, they want to spend quality time with you, discussing dreams, goals, and fears.

For a Sagittarius, you’ll know they have fallen for you when they become complete romantics. They will melt in the palm of your hand.

A Sagittarius is hard to lock down, so the minute they’re into you, everyone will know it. They will shout their love from the rooftops and make grand gestures like bringing you flowers at work.

Next are Libras. Libras like to ensure that the person they’re into is in it for the long haul. So to do that, they will often play little mind games with you.

You’ll know a Libra is into you if they’re still sticking around and continuing the conversation. They won’t fold easily, so you’ll have to work for their love.

A Taurus will tease you and try their best to impress you when they like you. They want you to leave dates fantasizing about them.

For Virgos, you’ll be able to tell if they’re into you when they turn into a life coach. They look at partners as their own little projects to tackle. You’ll start to notice them getting you gifts for self-care and helping you see your potential.

If your crush is a Leo, you can see if they reciprocate your feelings if they direct all their attention toward you.

They want to know your favorite color and the songs you’re listening to and enmesh your life with theirs.

Leos have huge egos. When they can overcome their egos and show they are interested in you, then you’ve got them wrapped around your finger.

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