She’s Refusing To Buy Her Sister’s $7,000 Wedding Dress After Her Sister Made A Cruel Joke About How Her Own Fiancé Left Her Right Before Her Wedding To Run Off With His Pregnant Mistress

“Let’s just hope he won’t run away with a pregnant mistress or something on our wedding day,” her sister “casually” laughed.

No one in her family saw anything wrong with the comment, either. Instead, her aunt joined her sister, and they both just laughed together– as if the “joke” was actually funny.

Regardless, she realized that her sister was just mocking the tragedy that occurred on her own wedding day. So, she immediately stood up and started yelling at her sister– accusing her sister of being an idiot.

But rather than backing her up, her parents just stepped in to tell her to “take it easy.” Plus, her sister claimed the remark was just a joke and that her intense reaction was unexpected.

Her aunt remained seated, too, and her cousin just asked her to drink some water and calm down.

“But I grabbed my stuff and, as I was getting ready, I told my sister she was getting $0 for her dream wedding dress. Then, I walked out,” she revealed.

While she was leaving, she did hear some commotion going on inside the house. Her father and cousin also ran out after her and tried to talk to her, but she just asked to be left alone.

Since then, she has spoken to her dad– who believes she was way too harsh on her sister for just making a “joke.”

Her dad also claimed that she knew her sister had a “dark sense of humor.”

Her family members also said that her sister has been crying ever since she backed out of buying the gown and believes this will totally ruin her wedding.

“And they want me to reconsider my decision since it might damage my relationship with my sister, but I refused,” she vented.

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