Their Amazing Marriage Lasted 88 Years And 349 Days

The couple had eleven children together. Out of all their children, seven survived past childhood, and many of them reached their eighties.

At one point, Sarah and Jacob decided to move in with one of their children as they advanced in age. But eventually, they moved out again since their health didn’t seem to be declining much.

They lived alone together for nearly eight years.

Newspapers from that time period described Jacob as a medium-sized man who was equipped to deal with hardship. Even in his old age, he still seemed steady and had excellent eyesight.

On the other hand, Sarah was almost completely blind and appeared to be in a much rougher condition than her husband when interviewed by reporters.

After the loss of his wife, Jacob’s health began to deteriorate. He passed away in 1899, one year after Sarah’s death, at the age of 109.

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