A Woman He Had Been Talking To For Two Days Jumped Right Into Wanting To Be In A Committed Relationship, And When He Disagreed, She Found His Mom On Social Media And Got Into A Fight With Her

Ivan - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Rushing into a relationship too quickly can destroy your chances of it evolving into something more, as can be seen in this story.

TikToker Frank (@frankristucci) is detailing a crazy dating experience where a woman he had been talking to for two days wanted to be in a committed relationship with him. When he disagreed, she found his mother on social media and got into a fight with her.

So he matched with a girl on a dating app, and they made plans to meet. She ended up going over to his house for their first date, where Frank made them both dinner.

She was a nurse and seemed super nice and intelligent. After dinner, they agreed to go out for some drinks. However, another woman he had met in his area texted him, asking if she could go out with him, too. This woman was from Detroit and worked in the entertainment industry.

He informed her that he was currently on a date, but she didn’t seem to mind, so he picked her up on their way to the bar.

As they were sitting in the bar, the girl from the dating app started telling Frank that he needed to commit to her and that she didn’t like how another woman was hanging out with them.

The woman from Detroit told her that Frank wasn’t the type to rush into commitment. From there, the two ladies began arguing with each other.

Frank decided it was time to leave. He dropped off the woman from Detroit at her house, then took the woman he met on the dating app back to his house so that she could get her car. Before she drove away, they hugged each other goodbye.

The next day, he called the woman from Detroit to discuss what had happened the previous night. Then, they decided to head to the beach together. Later, Frank posted a few pictures from their beach outing on social media.

Ivan – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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