He Asked His Brother’s Old Bully To Be The Best Man At His Wedding, And His Brother Is Upset He Didn’t Pick Him Instead

ID 130744133 - © Koval Nadiya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Back in middle school, this 34-year-old man’s younger brother, who is 30, had a bully named Max. Sadly, the school didn’t do anything to stop the bullying from happening.

Then, after graduating from high school, he didn’t have enough money to go to college, so he spent a few years saving up. He went to community college, and Max went there during that time.

Coincidentally, he and Max were both on the same career paths, so they worked together throughout the years. However, he and Max didn’t grow close until a pivotal moment in his life.

Unfortunately, his grandfather died, and what made the tragedy worse was that his own family didn’t tell him the news until the day of the funeral. Max helped him through the situation, strengthening their friendship.

Then, he brought up Max’s past history of bullying his brother. Max said that he would send an apology letter. But the apology wasn’t accepted.

“My brother got the letter and basically said, ‘I don’t forgive him,’ which is his right,” he said.

To this day, he is still good friends with Max. They are so close that Max is the best man at his wedding. Most of his family members were happy to know that the best man was someone who had helped him so much during difficult times. But not everyone was so happy about Max being the best man.

“My brother, on the other hand, hates it. He told me he wouldn’t come to my wedding if Max was invited,” he explained.

Later, it turned into a big fight between him and his brother. He told his brother that at an event, he could be in the same building and just choose to ignore or not talk to someone. His brother responded that he wanted him to uninvite Max based on principle.

ID 130744133 – © Koval Nadiya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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