He Paid $400 For His Date’s Car To Be Towed When It Broke Down, Only For Her To Ghost Him After They Had Dinner

Santorines - - illustrative purposes only

Getting ghosted is upsetting in general, but it hurts even more when it happens after you go out of your way to do a good deed for them.

A TikTok creator who goes by the handle @rock_da_starr is sharing about how he paid $400 for his date’s car to be towed when it broke down, only for her to ghost him afterward.

So he met a girl on a dating app who was gorgeous and happened to be around the same age as him. They talked for about two to three weeks before deciding to go on a date.

However, they lived pretty far away from each other. The distance between them was two hours by car. They agreed to meet in the middle at a restaurant that was an hour away for both of them. The plan was to be there by 2 PM.

Wanting to make a good first impression, he arrived at the spot at 1:45. At around 1:50, she texted him, asking if he was already there and to let him know she was running late.

By the time it was 2:45, she still hadn’t shown up. So he sent her a text message, inquiring where she was. She explained that her car had broken down on the freeway.

At that moment, he wasn’t sure if he should help her out or just head home and call off the date since he had a long drive back. But ultimately, he decided to help her.

He drove twenty minutes past the area where he lived to the location where her car had broken down. When he reached her, she apologized for everything and told him that her car needed to be towed.

She called a tow truck, and they informed her that it would be $600 to get her car back to her area. However, she didn’t have enough money to pay for it.

Santorines – – illustrative purposes only

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