She Went On A Date With A Pro Basketball Player Who Made Her Pay For Her Own Food Before Going On And On About His Ex-Girlfriend

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Many women prefer to date tall guys for several reasons. For one, tall men might make them feel more safe and protected because of their size.

Society also views taller men as more masculine. However, dating tall guys is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

TikToker Susie Guajardo (@susieguajardo) went on her first-ever date from a dating app with a guy who was six feet and nine inches tall. They planned to get açaí bowls and then hang out on the beach.

He asked if he could pick her up from her place, telling her that he had just rented a car. She agreed.

While she was in the car, she came to the realization that he did not live around the area. He was a basketball player and frequently traveled overseas.

Due to his busy schedule, she figured that she would never get to see him, so she thought their date was somewhat pointless. However, she was already in the car with him, so she decided to continue with the date.

When they arrived at the açaí place, he ordered two Nutella bowls. She was pleasantly surprised since Nutella was one of her favorite spreads.

However, she quickly found out that neither of the bowls was for her. After he made his order, he asked her if she was going to get something of her own.

Susie was shocked that he would make her pay for her own açaí bowl. Because of that, the date had ended before it had even begun for her. She texted her roommate, trying to come up with an escape plan.

Stock PK – – illustrative purposes only

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