He Recently Retired With $4 Million Dollars, But He Told His Family He Doesn’t Have Any Money So They Will Stop Asking Him For Financial Help

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This 51-year-old man and his 52-year-old wife recently retired with $4 million in savings, $1 million of which is their home.

He still works part-time as a systems engineer, and his wife is a fully retired registered nurse.

They consider themselves to be people who are good at saving and using their money wisely, and while her family knows that they are well off, they have never asked them for money.

However, his side of the family has a habit of asking, and so he and his wife agree that it is best to leave them in the dark about their finances.

His parents and his brother have the tendency to make poor choices with their money. Both his dad and brother work in the oil and gas business, which has not always been the most reliable source of income for them.

Plus, they have a hard time saving, so they use credit cards to pay for everything, which gets them into a lot of debt.

His parents have continuously had to borrow in order to pay for the house they’ve had for 35 years.

At their age, his parents should have been able to retire but can’t afford to, so his father recently started working as a school bus driver to attempt to earn enough money to pay off their debt.

“My brother inherited their spending issues and has his own alcohol struggles. He’s currently going through his second divorce,” he explained.

ID 22301734 – © Fotoluminate –

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