He Says He Cracked The Code On Why Online Dating Seems To Be Harder Now Than Ever Before

Daria Minaeva - illustrative purposes only

If you’re feeling increasingly frustrated with dating apps, you aren’t the only one. TikToker Montaine (@ohmontaine) is claiming to have cracked the code on why online dating seems to be harder now than ever before.

When people were first on the apps about four or five years ago, they were able to explore a more expansive network of individuals that they never had access to in the past.

If you wanted to meet someone at a bar, that limits the number of people you can meet in those particular locations.

Online dating provides a massive pool of people so that you’re no longer restricted to only a certain group.

But with the rise of other apps, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, people have been expanding their horizons even further beyond the online dating pool.

On social media, we’re being exposed to ultra-attractive individuals constantly. This leads people to raise their standards regarding physical appearance and makes them believe they should be dating someone who’s basically a model.

Then, when they return to dating apps and see a bunch of normal, everyday individuals, they don’t feel like those people are up to their standards because they’re not as attractive or fit as the people on social media.

Of course, appearance is a significant part of dating. Naturally, you are more drawn to people you find attractive.

But especially when it comes to online dating, a huge emphasis is placed on looks. Nowadays, if you don’t have any of the trending physical features, such as Kardashian curves or plump lips, it’s likely that you’ll be dismissed.

Daria Minaeva – illustrative purposes only

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