Her Roommate Asked Her To Throw Out Some of Her Clothes, But She Let Her Little Sister Keep Some Pieces Instead, And Her Roommate Is Furious

“When my mom was coming to pick me up, I took the bags of clothes to donate to my car,” she explained.

“My roommate asked if I could take her bags of clothes to throw out. She was flying home and couldn’t take them herself. I asked her if she meant to donate.”

“She shook her head no, saying that these clothes “were personal” to her and she didn’t want to know other people were wearing them. I rolled my eyes but said sure.”

Later on, when she arrived back at her family home, her 16-year-old sister wanted to know if it would be ok for her to pick through her and her roommate’s clothes before she donated them all.

She told her sister that would be alright, and later on that afternoon, she took the remaining clothes off to be donated.

She thought her roommate would never find out that her little sister had decided to keep some pieces, and figured this kind of secret would never harm her roommate in the long run.

Recently, her roommate came to her house to visit her, and her sister happened to be wearing one of her roommate’s shirts that was supposed to have been thrown out.

Her roommate instantly recognized the shirt and commented that she used to have that exact shirt.

“Sister spills the beans that it was from the bags of clothes,” she said.

“Now my roommate isn’t talking to me because she said her clothes were special to her, and she wanted them thrown out.”

“I don’t think it’s that deep, and I don’t think it’s okay to throw out perfectly good clothes.”

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