Her Sister Is A Doctor And She’s Having An Affair With A Patient Even Though She’s Engaged

nenetus - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl has a 28-year-old sister who works as a doctor. Her sister is also engaged and getting married soon.

Lately, her sister has been coming over to their mom and dad’s house to spend time together, and she has been chit-chatting with her sister about a wide variety of topics when she visits.

Her sister has been bringing up a guy that she has never met before, and her sister initially said this guy is someone she sees around the hospital where she works.

Later on, her sister admitted that this mystery guy is really one of her patients.

“I felt uneasy because she was showing me texts before deleting them,” she explained. “Also, pictures, and she seemed to be in at least an emotional relationship with him.”

“I was so worried I got uncomfortable whenever she brought it up. I tried to avoid her, but she’d tell me I’m the only one she can talk to about this. I asked her about her fiancè, but she avoided my question several times. Her fiancè is a good man, at least, we’ve known him for years since they started dating.”

She isn’t positive if her sister’s fiancè is aware of the affair she’s carrying on with her patient, and she has pointed out to her sister that what she’s doing isn’t ok.

Any time she does say that to her sister, she snaps back at her, only to then expect her to be willing to talk to her about this guy and her predicament.

She does believe that she’s the only person in her sister’s life her sister has confided in about the affair.

nenetus – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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