His Family’s Angry He Didn’t Punish His Teen Son For Cursing Out His Niece And Nephew, But He Thinks His Son’s Boundaries Weren’t Being Respected

simona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 37-year-old man has a son, who is 15. Ever since his son was a little boy, he made sure to teach him about the importance of personal space and the fact that people have autonomy over their own bodies.

“I did not get that respect as a kid, so I have made sure he knows that,” he said.

Just yesterday, though, he and his son attended a family gathering. While they were there, his son’s older cousins would not stop tickling his son for the life of him.

“I personally feel that tickling someone like that is abusive,” he admitted, “But maybe I’m in the wrong.”

Anyway, he repeatedly tried to get his son’s cousins to quit with the tickling. However, the kids just would not stop and wouldn’t even let the teen get up.

So, his son eventually had enough and cursed out the cousins– telling them to get off of him.

But while he knows that cursing is not the ideal response in that scenario, he actually was not at all mad at his son for reacting that way.

“In my eyes, my son was defending himself,” he explained.

Following the incident, he just left with his son since he was pretty upset with how his family was acting. Since his son reportedly seemed distressed, too, they also just got some ice cream together, and that appeared to cheer his son up.

simona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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