His New Neighbor Accused Him of Trying To Lure Her Daughter In Simply By Him Swimming In His Own Pool

Michael - - illustrative purposes only

This 30-year-old man lives in Florida, and after a long day of work, he enjoys taking a swim in the pool in his backyard.

This soothing and relaxing time is something he looks forward to each day, but lately, his neighbors have been making strange assumptions about it.

Recently, while he was out taking his dog for a walk, an older lady came up to him and introduced herself.

She said her name was Janice and that she and her daughter just moved in next door to him, and she wanted to meet her new neighbors.

The owner of that house, Gary, is someone that he has known for a long time. Gary used to live in the house, but for the past few years, he has been renting it out to different tenants.

Every evening, he changes into his swim trunks and goes for a dip in his pool.

“Every day, I see a lady on her balcony just watch me swim. I don’t care, so just mind my business swimming, or I might sit on the chair on the pool just relaxing, minding my own business,” he explained.

However, one evening, when he was swimming, he heard a loud knocking on his front door. He got out of the pool, quickly changed into some clothes, and opened the door.

To his surprise, it was his new neighbor Janice, so he simply asked her how she was doing. Clearly angry, Janice replied, claiming that he was trying to lure her daughter into his pool with him.

Michael – – illustrative purposes only

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