While Watching Her Grandma’s Chihuahua, Her Boyfriend Said He Didn’t Like “Spoiled Purse Dogs” And Made The Pup Sleep Outside In The Cold

otsphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

As a proud Chihuahua-mix owner, I can say that they’re an underrated and misunderstood dog breed, as while they have a reputation for being annoying yappers, they can be incredibly sweet, affectionate, and adorable.

One woman recently kicked her boyfriend out of her house in the middle of the night after she discovered he left her grandma’s chihuahua, whom they were responsible for watching, tied up outside while he slept.

Her grandma owns a five-year-old chihuahua named Jennie, whom she spoils and loves very much. Her grandpa passed away, so her grandma only lives with Jennie.

Recently, her grandma had to have surgery, and she asked her and her boyfriend to watch Jennie at their house while she recovered.

Unfortunately, Kevin, her boyfriend of two years, wasn’t happy about that.

“He’s not allergic or anything [but] he said he wasn’t a huge fan of spoiled ‘purse dogs’ who do anything but yap,” she said.

“I guess I can understand that, so I told him I’d do everything to take care of Jennie. It was only for a few days, so he agreed. Jennie has a specific diet prepared by my grandma. If I do it wrong, Jennie [will] refuse to eat or have a mini tantrum. It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s important to Grandma, so I just do what the instructions she gave me say.

She sleeps in a blanket-filled crate on the side table right next to the bed [and] Kevin kept complaining even though I was doing all the work.”

While Kevin’s refusal to help her with Jennie irritated her, she figured she’d ignore him since Jennie wouldn’t be with them long. However, one night, when she was stuck at work until the middle of the night, she needed Kevin to step in and help.

otsphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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