She Bought A $25 Bottle of Wine To Bring To A Get-Together, And Then She Was Shamed For Bringing Cheap Wine Since The Host’s Parents Owned A Vineyard

santiago silver - - illustrative purposes only

Last Thanksgiving, this 26-year-old woman was invited by her 25-year-old friend to a festive get-together.

The party was being thrown by her friend’s 30-year-old guy friend, whom she had never met before. She didn’t really know any information about him other than the fact that he was a server at a restaurant nearby.

Growing up, she was taught that it is always polite to bring the host some sort of gift when attending parties like these, so she decided to purchase a bottle of wine.

At around $25, she considered this to be a relatively high-quality bottle and brought it with her to the get-together.

However, when she arrived, multiple people approached her and questioned her on why she would bring such a cheap wine, especially because the host’s parents owned a vineyard.

“I had no clue they owned a vineyard. My friend hadn’t mentioned it. Even the host told me it was silly of me to bring,” she explained.

Her friend told her that the bottle of wine she brought would likely never even be opened and would either be thrown out the next day or be stored on a shelf for years before being tossed.

She was super confused as to why her friend hadn’t said something when she picked her up that night, as she was already visibly carrying the wine.

Still, she placed the bottle on the table with the rest of the drinks, and just like her friend said, nobody opened it the whole night. So, before leaving the party, she decided to grab the wine she brought and take it home with her.

santiago silver – – illustrative purposes only

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