She Bought An Electric Bike To Keep Up With Her Fiancé On His Rides, But When He Found Out, He Said She Was Disrespecting His Sport

studio4pic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl and her 26-year-old fiancé have been together for three years. She’s very excited to marry him and feels like they are a good match.

As a form of exercise, he really enjoys biking long distances and up steep hills. While she also likes to exercise, she is more into jump roping, swimming, and walking.

She also prefers to work out alone and finds it easier to push herself when no one else is around.

Even though her fiancé knows that he is on the more extroverted side while she is more introverted, he expressed wanting her to join in on his bike rides since sometimes they can be pretty lengthy, and he’d love to have her company.

So, after one of his biking friends moved out of the area, her fiancé asked her if she would consider joining him on his rides.

At the time, she was willing to try it and thought it would be a nice way for them to spend time together. However, after she gave it a go, she discovered that she was not in the correct shape to be doing such an activity and found it super challenging and unenjoyable.

“He kept telling me to change my gears and tried to teach me, which could have been sweet, but was mostly annoying because you can’t teach muscles and breath capacity when it doesn’t exist yet,” she explained.

After that, they tried to bike together a couple more times, but both of them ended up becoming frustrated. She couldn’t keep up with him and his pace, and she just wasn’t enjoying herself, and he wanted her to be doing both of those things.

So, as a compromise, she decided to buy an electric bike for herself. This way, she could keep up with him on his bike rides, and they could spend time together. However, her fiancé’s reaction wasn’t what she had hoped.

studio4pic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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