She Called Her Stepsister The Ugly Stepsister In Their Family, Which Caused Her To Cry And Break A Plate

Yevhenii - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been given an annoying nickname by your family? One woman, typically referred to as a “princess” by her family, snapped at her stepsister and called her “the ugly stepsister,” causing a lot of drama. 

She’s 29-years-old and has always jokingly been referred to as a “princess” by her family members because she has a reputation for being picky and sensitive.

“This is mostly because of sensory issues, so certain noises or textures grate on me to an extent that I will leave the room or avoid touching things,” she explained.

“I’m also just a picky person, and I like things how I like them. So, my stepdad started referring to me as the Princess.”

Her mom and stepbrothers have also called her “princess” in the past, and it’s been a running joke in their family for 15 years. It hasn’t ever really bothered her.

However, her 30-year-old stepsister Georgia hates it, not so much because she thinks it’s offensive, but because she’s jealous of the attention she gets whenever she’s called “princess.”

Recently, her family has been staying in the countryside for a few weeks, and Georgia brought along her boyfriend, Jason. She’s met Jason a few times, and he gets along well with everyone in their family.

One morning, Jason was helping her and her mom make breakfast for everyone when she told him not to bother making her coffee because she liked to make it in a peculiar way.

Jason began joking around and called her a “princess,” as he’s gotten used to the family lingo. But when Georiga witnessed that interaction, she freaked out.

Yevhenii – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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