She Creatively Put Together An Outfit That A Side Chick Might Wear

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Posting content publicly on the internet always creates an opportunity for haters to come around and post less-than-kind comments about you. This creator shows it’s all about how you respond while she makes light of a hateful comment about her.

TikTok creator Emma “Funmi” Ford (@funmiford) shares an outfit inspired by a side chick that a commenter implied her husband would rather be with.

After receiving a comment that said, “I now understand why they go for side chicks,” Emma decided to reply to that comment by creatively putting together an outfit that a side chick might wear.

Being a married woman, she knew that this rude commenter was implying that she was not pretty enough for her husband to want to stay with her and would likely find someone else to spend his time with.

Although it could have easily hurt her feelings, Emma refused to let this comment get to her! She thought that turning her hate comments into outfits would be a fun way to show how to brush past the mean things people can say.

To start out, Emma slipped on a form-fitting red strapless dress that had a slit going down the side. To pair with this super flattering dress, she grabbed some black high-heeled shoes as well as a long red trench coat.

“Just in case she has to hide because a wife is chasing her,” she jokes.

To accessorize, she grabbed a small black bag with gold hardware and studs, tying in nicely with the strappy shoes.

“The tiniest bag so that you can put your emotions, your comments, and your hate inside of [it]. Let’s go steal somebody’s man!” she exclaimed.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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