She Doesn’t Have A Good Relationship With Her Mother-In-Law, And She Said No To Her Trying To Plan A Last-Minute Trip To See Them, But Her Husband Didn’t Side With Her

Delcio F/ - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is not a fan of her mother-in-law and doesn’t have a good relationship with her. When she first met her, they were all at a family holiday dinner with her husband’s extended family.

At the hotel, before they left for dinner, her mother-in-law pulled her husband aside and told him that she needed to change her clothes to something more appropriate because her mother-in-law thought she was showing too much skin!

“I cried. My husband said we weren’t going anymore and told his mom to leave. We ‘made up’ later,” she explained.

The longer she and her husband were together, the more she learned about the ins and outs of his relationship with his mother.

They didn’t really talk much even before she met him, and now, after that bad first impression with his wife, he wasn’t inclined to since.

There was one instance where he went to visit his mother on his own, as she chose to stay behind.

So, it’s been a while since he has seen his mother. Between busy schedules and other excuses, it just never seemed to work out to plan a trip.

However, on a random Tuesday night, her mother-in-law called her husband to say that she was coming to their house that weekend.

Immediately, she told her husband to shoot down this plan because she was planning to pick her nephew up on Sunday for him to stay with them for nine days.

This trip had been planned for eight months and obviously had priority over her mother-in-law’s last-minute self-invitation.

Delcio F/ – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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