She Screamed At Her Dad For Trying To Make Her Not Eat Certain Things Her Pregnant Stepmom Can’t Enjoy

Tierney - - illustrative purposes only

This 15-year-old girl lives with her father and her stepmother, Anna, who is currently five months pregnant.

Right now, a lot of foods are making Anna feel nauseous, especially coffee, anything sugary, Mexican food, and Thai food.

The only meat that Anna can eat at the moment is chicken because the smell of any other type of meat makes her feel instantly sick.

Now, her father is not allowing any of these types of food into the house. While she understands and feels bad that Anna feels sick over so much food right now, she doesn’t understand why the rest of the family has to change their diet because of it.

Her father even gets upset if she eats the food somewhere else because, according to him, it’s not fair that she can enjoy it while Anna can’t.

Even though Anna has never complained or told anyone not to eat something, her father insists that it’s only fair that everyone gives up the foods that Anna won’t have.

Anna is normally a very nice and understanding person, but due to her pregnancy hormones, she has been very irritable.

These days, Anna tends to get mad over the littlest things, but she knows that this is just temporary. Still, she doesn’t want to do or say anything that will rock the boat too much.

Recently, one of her good friends, May, got her first job and asked if she would like to join her in getting some celebratory donuts. So, she asked her father if this was okay since Anna was out of town anyway, and this was a special occasion.

Tierney – – illustrative purposes only

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