She’s Showing You How To Master The Art of The Ombré Concealer Makeup Hack

zsv3207 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Makeup hacks are always fun to test out, and who knows, one of them might just become a new part of your daily routine! Some trends may look difficult or unrealistic, but luckily, there are often hundreds of tutorials online for you to follow!

TikTok user and makeup guru Evelyn (@makeupbymissevelyn) shares her tips and tricks for tackling the new ombré concealer hack that has been going around the internet.

This trend aims to create a flawless finish of concealer and blush all in one step. To start out, Evelyn has dotted four different shades underneath her eyes, going upwards toward her cheekbones.

Under the starting points of her eyes is a dot of light concealer, which aims to brighten things up in the inner corners.

Next comes a dot of concealer that matches her skin tone, which serves to add some coverage to the under-eye area.

The third dot is a shade of pink, which begins the blush tones, followed by a deeper red hue that finishes off the blush and adds dimension to the base of her cheekbones.

Once these dots are placed, Evelyn recommends taking a small and dense brush to begin blending out the shades. A brush like this will give you more precision and offer a more seamless look than a beauty sponge or other style of brush might.

Slowly, start to blend out the makeup, beginning with the lightest shade and working your way up to the darkest.

When doing a trend like this, Evelyn reminds her viewers that product placement is key for a flawless outcome. Blending your concealer too far down your face runs the risk of making your face look dragged down rather than giving it a lifted look.

zsv3207 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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