She Spent $1,500 On A Tattoo That She Absolutely Hates, And She Feels Like She Ruined Her Body

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This 27-year-old woman recently got a tattoo, but it didn’t turn out like she had hoped!

She is an Alaska Native and looked forward to getting some Alaskan plants tattooed, reminding her of her childhood, where she often harvested berries and herbs.

Because this tattoo was going to be super sentimental, she was picky about which artist she would choose to do it.

Since she didn’t have any experience in getting large tattoos, she asked her coworkers for recommendations, one of whom had a full body vine tattoo.

“I looked at the tattoo artist’s Instagram page, and while she didn’t have a lot of floral designs on it, I knew she used to do it, and the one she gave my coworker was really pretty and was exactly what I wanted as it wasn’t too dark,” she explained.

So, she decided to contact the tattoo artist, sharing what specific plants she wanted done, how she wanted the tattoo on her torso, and how light she wanted the shading to be. To help, she also sent some reference photos that showed the kind of style she was looking for.

After having a consultation with the artist, she decided to make an appointment with her. She asked if it would be possible to see the design before the appointment date since the location was kind of far away, and she didn’t want to go all the way there just to dislike her design.

The tattoo artist said that that wasn’t possible, and while she was understanding, she was also worried that she would love it at first and then hate it a few days later.

She knew that she had a tendency to change her mind about things and wished that she could see the tattoo ahead of time.

ID 111364472 – © Rawpixelimages – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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