She Took The Day Off Work To Cry After Finding Out That Her Boyfriend’s Female Coworkers Refer To Her As His “Ugly Girlfriend”

Fxquadro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A short time ago, this 21-year-old girl got a message on social media from one of her 22-year-old boyfriend’s male coworkers.

This guy said in his note that he felt so terrible about something, and he had to tell her what was going on.

Apparently, two of her boyfriend’s female coworkers refer to her as his “ugly girlfriend,” and this guy insisted he had to finally tell her about it since it made him feel awful.

She is so incredibly sad to hear about this and also embarrassed as well to know this is going on while her boyfriend is at work.

It’s extra upsetting that she had to hear this from a complete stranger. She does not know if her boyfriend is aware of this, so she’s planning on confronting him later on.

“I keep on telling myself that it’s not that serious, but I called out of work today just to cry about it,” she explained.

“I keep on looking at myself in the mirror and just bursting into tears. All I can do is laugh at how stupid this all is because it isn’t serious, and it’s just girls being mean.”

“I genuinely have not felt like this since I was 14, so I don’t know why I’m letting it get to me. I don’t know I just don’t understand what I did to be referred to as this way. I barely even talk to those girls besides saying hello whenever I stop by my boyfriend’s work to have lunch with him, or I’m dropping something off.”

She’s completely devastated over what these girls say about her behind her back, even though she knows she needs to not be.

Fxquadro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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