She Told Her Husband He Was Cleaning Their Toilet Wrong, And She Definitely Annoyed Him

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This 30-year-old woman has been asking her 31-year-old husband to clean the toilet for her since she is pregnant and has not been feeling well due to morning sickness.

Over time, the toilet in the master bathroom has gotten pretty dirty, but they do manage to keep the guest bathroom quite clean.

She was pretty frustrated with him since he said he would clean their toilet, but a day had passed, more sickness had ensured, and the toilet still was dirty. So, she nagged him to get it done the following day.

While she was in their room, she overheard him cleaning their toilet and could tell that he was scraping it with a pumice stone.

She interrupted her husband and told him that he needed to use the toilet brush beforehand to get the majority of the gunk cleaned away before going in with the pumice stone that is specifically for removing stains.

“Kind of like how you would wipe curbs off a counter before scrubbing any gunk with a scouring pad,” she explained.

Although the toilet was pretty dirty, she didn’t think that the pumice stone was even necessary and thought that using a brush and some cleaner would have gotten the job done. She only really uses a pumice stone when there are hard water stains inside the bowl.

However, her husband got annoyed with her and told her that he was well aware of how to clean a toilet.

Over the years, she has noticed this as a pattern. She offers her advice or suggestions on how to accomplish a simple household task, but he immediately gets defensive despite him most likely needing the help.

navintar – – illustrative purposes only

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