She Was Heartbroken To See That Her Daughter Posted A False Narrative of Her Childhood On Social Media, So She Left A Comment Defending Herself

Chiralli - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a parent, have you ever had issues with your kid lying? 

One mother was heartbroken to see that her daughter posted a false narrative of her childhood on Facebook, so she left a public comment on the post to defend herself. 

Her daughter, Casey, who’s now 23, has always had issues with lying. She’d always find a way to lie about something, big or small.

One aspect of Casey’s lying that was particularly bad was that she’d make up things she was doing throughout the day. For instance, Casey once told her she had gotten into a fight at school when she actually hadn’t.

She and her husband began taking Casey to therapy for her lying issue when she was eight. They were told by three different therapists that her lying was simply a symptom of her young age, but she kept doing it.

“My husband and I focused on teaching her what lies cause, making sure she knew she could come to us with anything, etc.,” she said.

“We’ve always been the type to let our kids make mistakes while knowing we’ll always be there with no judgment, just to help them do better.”

Things started getting a bit better as Casey got older. When Casey was 16, she came out as gay and told her and her husband she had a girlfriend. They were very supportive of Casey and treated her girlfriend as part of the family.

But then, things started getting bad again before Casey turned 18, as she kept lying and getting aggressive.

Chiralli – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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