She Went Out To Dinner With A Guy For Their First Date, Only For Him To End Up Ditching Her In The Middle of The Meal, Leaving Her With A Large Bill

morozov_photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One way to make a bad first impression is to ditch your date at a restaurant without a word. But I suppose if you’re planning on never seeing that person again, you have nothing to lose. However, it’s really not a nice thing to do, and it causes the other person a lot of unnecessary distress.

TikToker Sydney Fleming (@sydflem99) is sharing how she went out to dinner with a guy for their first date, only for him to end up ditching her during the middle of the meal, leaving her with a large bill.

In the fifteen-second clip, she revealed that her date went to the bathroom and never came back. The camera panned over the table to show the empty seat across from her and her date’s half-eaten plate of food.

She then filmed herself opening up the bill and was shocked by how much the dinner had cost. The bill came out to about $223. And apparently, she wasn’t even the one who had picked out the restaurant. She ended up ordering another drink because she was stressed and decided to take her time leaving.

Several TikTok users headed to the comments section to describe what they would’ve done in Sydney’s shoes.

“Next time, choose a table to see the bathroom and exit, or if he goes to the bathroom pretend that you’re going to smoke outside, etc,” advised one user.

“I would’ve started crying and hope they’d pity me enough to take stuff off my bill,” admitted another.

“I heard you can start giving restaurants their contact info and they can proceed to take legal action without you getting involved,” stated a third.

The situation definitely raises a lot of questions. It makes you wonder how many times he had ditched other women in this fashion. Did he have a scam going to get free meals from women?

morozov_photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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