She’s Talking About The Two Different Ghostly Encounters She Had In Her Childhood Home

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Most of us love a haunted house story. But would we ever want to grow up in one? This woman’s childhood home from when she was 3 to 20 was definitely the place of spooky, paranormal experiences.

When she was 7-years-old, she shared a room with her younger sister. They had bunk beds, and she slept on the top bunk. Since they were both afraid of the dark, they kept their door open at night and kept a lamp on in the hallway as well.

Since childhood, she’s always been a light sleeper. When one of her family members was walking down the hall, she’d wake up to their footsteps.

One night, she was sleeping with her back toward the door. Suddenly, she was scared awake when she felt someone rubbing her back and pulling her blanket over her shoulders.

Since she normally would have woken up if one of her parents had walked down the hall and into her room, she noted how strange this occurrence was. But she just went back to sleep without turning to see who was there, and she tried not to think too much of it.

The next morning, she asked her sister if either of their parents had come into their room the previous night. Her sister said she hadn’t heard anything. Then, she asked her parents, and they said they hadn’t, adding that they’d been feeling sick and had gone to sleep early not long after she and her sister had laid down for bed. So, she came to a conclusion.

“After my investigation, I’ve decided that there was a ghost in the house that was watching after my sister and me. I may have woken up afraid because I was caught off guard, but I felt an overwhelming sense of peace immediately after the fear subsided. Maybe that’s why I didn’t bother turning around that night,” she explained.

Later, when she was 13, she had a much different spooky experience. She now had her own room, with her own bed and not a bunk bed. She kept her door closed at night and was a deeper sleeper than when she was younger. She no longer woke up any time someone opened a door or walked down the hallway during the night.

At 2 a.m., she woke up to use the bathroom. She walked to the door, but for some reason, she didn’t immediately open it.

DN6 – – illustrative purposes only

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