He Broke Up With His Cheating Ex After Meeting A Woman He Thought Might Be “Marriage Material,” But His Ex Accused Him Of Wasting Six Months Of Her Life

Ilona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you reach a certain age and are still on the dating scene, you have to start dating people who want the same things as you, like marriage and a family.

When they don’t want what you want or don’t seem as ready as you, you may not want to risk entering a relationship with them.

One man recently broke up with his cheating ex and entered a relationship with a woman who is marriage material. Now, his ex is accusing him of sneakily leaving her for another woman.

Last year, his former girlfriend cheated on him and it broke his heart, so he broke up with her.

A month later, they met up to discuss everything that happened, and his girlfriend admitted she did it because she was stressed out that he wanted to take their relationship a step further by moving in together and potentially getting engaged. She acknowledged that she acted immaturely and cheated instead of talking to him about her concerns.

After that discussion, he decided they could try dating again, but they’d have to take things very slowly, as he couldn’t tell if she was ready to be serious or not.

Then, a few months into his second try with his former girlfriend, everything changed after he met a woman named Marcie.

“I am not a cheater, so I never tried to spend time alone with her [and] I never had long emotional conversations with her,” he said.

“Marcie is just a beautiful woman [who] shares several of my hobbies. My group of friends is planning a camping trip for August, and Marcie will be coming.”

Ilona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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