She’s Going With Her Boyfriend As A Plus-One To A Wedding, But She Doesn’t Want To Split An Airbnb Equally With His Friends

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This 24-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is 29, for about five months. Recently, she was also invited to join her boyfriend as a plus-one at one of his friends’ weddings.

However, she has only met the bride and groom once or twice before. She also revealed how, when they did meet, they never actually had any “real” conversations.

“They have never shown interest in getting to know me, although I have tried. So, they are practically strangers to me,” she said.

The wedding also happens to be a few states away, which is why a group of her boyfriend’s friends reserved an Airbnb to split for lodging. The reservation was made prior to her being invited as a plus-one, though, so she was not involved in any of the planning in regard to the location or cost of the Airbnb.

Instead, everything was paid for by the time her boyfriend asked her to go to the wedding. And with the expenses split up, every person was already expected to pay $475 each for the Airbnb– not including her.

So, once she was asked to go to the wedding, that theoretically knocked everyone’s bill down to $400. Still, she thought that was a pretty steep price to pay.

“I was not part of any decision-making. I would have gotten a much cheaper hotel room with just my boyfriend,” she clarified.

This meant that if she agreed to be her boyfriend’s, she wouldn’t just have to take two days off of work, but she would also have to pay $400 to join the Airbnb with her boyfriend’s friend group.

However, she honestly didn’t really agree with the division of the bill. Even though her boyfriend’s friends decided to split everything evenly, that didn’t make sense to her.

producer – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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