She’s Showcasing What She’s Deemed Woman’s Winter, Or Rather Always Feeling Cold In The Office

While many commenters agree with the ridiculously cold temperatures offices seem to have their thermostats set at, others who work in environments with no air conditioning are envious of the cold workplace. Similarly, menopausal women wish that their place of work was that cold!

“I’m in full-blown menopause….This looks like a DREAM! Any job openings?” one viewer jokes.

“And meanwhile, I teach in an elementary school in upstate New York with no AC, and it’s 90 degrees in my classroom. I’d die for this,” another person shares.

Other people express how one of the perks of working from home is being able to control the temperature of your workplace!

What is the temperature typically like where you work?


Women’s Winter has begun. #womenswinter #airconditioner #officelife

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