When She Found Out That Her Daughter-In-Law Had A Miscarriage, She Asked If She Fell, Which Infuriated Her

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s son and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby at around the 8-week mark after hearing the heartbeat.

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later, her daughter-in-law had a miscarriage, and the news saddened the whole family.

Now, she is wondering whether her reaction was uncalled for and is the reason that her daughter-in-law has kept her distance from her since.

When her son initially called to tell her about the heartbreaking news, the first question she asked was why it had happened and whether or not her daughter-in-law had fallen prior.

However, she didn’t realize that her son had her on speaker phone, and so her daughter-in-law, who had not fallen, overheard her reaction.

Her daughter-in-law ended up getting pregnant again, but this time, they didn’t announce it until they were further along in the second trimester.

After her daughter-in-law had an emergency C-section birth, she offered to help around their house during this new transition and assisted with laundry, cleaning, cooking, and bathing the baby.

Even so, she couldn’t help but notice that her daughter-in-law was giving her the cold shoulder and not treating her very kindly.

“I finally asked her why, and she admitted that she was furious when I sounded ‘very blaming’ when I asked if she fell [and if] that’s why her previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage,” she explained.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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