A Guy Tried To Turn Their Lunch Date Into A Picnic Date In The Woods, And That Just Made Her Feel Uneasy

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Looking for love can get people into some scary situations. Sure, dating comes with lots of risks, but you should never take risks that will put you in a position where you’re in physical danger.

No matter if you’ve been set up on a date by a close friend or have been chatting online with them for months, the truth is that you still don’t really know that person, and they can’t be trusted.

Dating makes you extremely vulnerable to strangers. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot behavior that’s odd or alarming when you’re interacting with someone new.

TikToker Madi (@txamazon) is telling a story about the time a guy tried to get her to go on a first date with him in the woods.

In this case, her situational awareness skills came in handy, helping her to identify potential hazards and keep herself safe.

So, she was supposed to have a lunch date with a guy from a dating app, but she ended up canceling it. In the time leading up to the date, he was super evasive whenever she asked him questions in an effort to get to know him better.

She asked about where he was from, what he did for work, and what his hobbies were. In contrast to her standard questions, he asked if she was one of those “paranoid women” who checked in with her friends during and after dates. He also inquired about how often she talked to her friends.

Then, he tried to turn the lunch date into an outdoor picnic date near a wooded area in a park. The location he suggested was known for having animals that ate meat. Plus, it was 100 degrees outside, so a picnic date didn’t seem like a very good idea anyway.

After that, she could see nothing but red flags and told him she would not be meeting up with him. She also reported his account for suspicious activity.

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