She’s Been Sleeping With Her Friend’s Dad Behind Her Back

aspenphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A little over a month ago, this 26-year-old woman attended her friend’s birthday dinner. While there, she met her friend’s 44-year-old dad and instantly took a liking to him.

Her friend’s dad was incredibly fun to be around that evening, and she couldn’t stop laughing at his humor.

They swapped phone numbers, and ever since, they have been texting one another nonstop. Her friend’s dad will order her breakfast and take her out to upscale restaurants.

They have slept together, but he always comes over to her place so her friend won’t find out about their fling.

She knows they have a large age gap, but he’s divorced, so she doesn’t feel like their relationship is hurting anyone.

She also likes that he’s mature and romantic.

“We both had agreed that this was going to be a temporary thing, that we were just feeling ourselves with no seriousness,” she explained.

“I don’t exactly know how, but my friend realized he has been seeing someone because he looks “happier,” to which he replied that he indeed was.”

“As my friend got more and more insisting on the details, he had to lie to her to protect our thing. Now he says he feels bad for having lied to his daughter, and he feels guilty.”

aspenphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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