A Rare Super Blue Moon Will Be Appearing In The Skies On The Last Day of August

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It still feels like summer has just begun, but we’ve already reached the month of August. To many people, August signals that the summer season is coming to a close.

But at least summer won’t be ending without a super blue splash.

A special phenomenon will be appearing in the skies on the last day of August, and it’s going to be a rare super blue moon.

A supermoon takes place when a moon’s orbit brings it closest to Earth at the same time it’s full. When that happens, the moon appears larger and brighter than usual, becoming what’s known as a supermoon.

When there’s a supermoon, the moon is roughly 226,000 miles from Earth. On the other hand, the farthest point the moon travels away from our planet is, on average, 253,000 miles.

Supermoons are quite common, occurring about three to four times per year. So, what makes this one so significant?

Well, this moon is a supermoon but with the added bonus of being a blue moon. Blue moons show up every two and a half years, while super blue moons happen far less frequently.

The last time a super blue moon occurred was in December 2009, and after this month, you won’t be able to see one again until 2032. If the skies are clear, be sure to catch this one on August 31st!

Is a blue moon actually blue, though? So, a blue moon doesn’t mean that its color is blue. Blue moons stay the same color as any other regular full moon.

Gary – – illustrative purposes only

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