A Strange Man Was Waiting For Her At Her Bus Stop One Day, And She’s Convinced Her Bus Driver Saved Her From Being Kidnapped

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This woman grew up in a rural area 15 miles from downtown Portland. Her family’s house was on a country road in a hilly area, and the houses were built far apart from one another. The closest house was about a ten-minute walk away from her family’s house.

Her family’s house was built quite a distance away from the road. They had a gravel driveway with a sharp turn into the house, and passerby couldn’t see their house from the road.

When she was 10-years-old, she was taking the bus home after school on a nice spring afternoon.

“As the bus squeaked to a stop at my driveway, I looked out the window to my left and saw a man in a grey pickup idling aside the road, parked perpendicular to my driveway, almost blocking it,” she explained.

“Being so young, I thought nothing of it. But when I got to the front of the bus, the driver held her arm out, blocking me from going any farther.”

The bus driver asked her if she’d seen that truck or the man in it before. She told her no.

At that, the bus driver opened her window and put her arm out to motion for the man in the truck to drive away. He looked over at her but quickly looked away and refused to move his truck.

“He wasn’t looking at a map or anything; he was only sitting there. The bus driver then got on the intercom and told him he needed to move along. But he continued to stay there. Then she said, ‘Sir, you better move along. I’m not going anywhere until you’re out of here,'” she continued.

After that, the man drove away. Before letting her off the bus, the driver waited for a bit. When the driver let her off the bus, she said she’d wait for a few minutes so that she could safely walk her long driveway and to her house.

ID 13842071 – © Brandon Bourdages – – illustrative purposes only

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