After Her Boyfriend Invited More People Than She Expected To A Dinner They’re Hosting Tonight, She Told Him He Had To Cook For All of Them, And Now He’s Threatening To Cancel

rh2010 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This evening, this 23-year-old girl and her 25-year-old boyfriend are hosting a dinner at their place, and they invited a couple that they met on vacation to come.

She agreed to be the one cooking dinner for everyone, but then her boyfriend informed her a few days ago that he forgot to mention that he invited more people to dinner tonight.

Her boyfriend extended an invitation to their neighbors and their neighbor’s 3 kids. She was irritated by this, especially since her boyfriend went ahead and did this without clearing it with her first.

She pointed out to her boyfriend that she would like him to ask her before inviting more people next time and moved on.

But then, that same day, after her boyfriend got home from work, he told her that he invited 2 of his coworkers, their wives, and their 2 children.

“I got upset when he told me this because 1. He invited 6 more people without asking me first, again, and 2. He told me that I needed to make a different dish for his colleagues’ kids because they won’t like what I’m planning to cook,” she explained.

“I told my boyfriend that he needed to be the one cooking because I didn’t want to anymore. He asks me why, as I initially agreed to cook.”

“I said I initially agreed to cook for 4 people, not 15. I added that it’ll be easier for him to cook for 15 people anyways because he has his whole afternoon free while I’d be working until 4 pm.”

Her boyfriend believes she’s not being fair by putting the cooking responsibilities on him when she agreed to make food tonight.

rh2010 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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