Hair Loss

This 21-year-old woman has tragically been struggling with hair loss for the past year.

While she doesn’t know the cause of her hair loss, an OBGYN has already ruled out PCOS, and her primary doctor has ruled out the possibility of thyroid problems. She has an appointment scheduled with a dermatologist to see if she can hopefully get closer to finding answers. For now, she has bought wigs.

In July 2022, her husband emotionally supported her and helped her shave her head. He also sweetly gave her kisses on her head afterward.

Over time, she allowed her hair to grow back, but the hair loss continued.

“Recently, I lost a huge chunk of hair off the top and the back. My husband knows about this and tells me, ‘It’s okay if you’re bald. I still love you. You’re still beautiful. You looked amazing last time without hair, baby,'” she said.

A few of her family members are aware of her hair loss.

“I told one of my cousins I was planning on shaving it. She said something very mean and insensitive: She said, ‘It would look ugly on you,'” she shared.

Understandably, this was incredibly hurtful because her hair loss has been such a difficult experience for her. Throughout the last year, she has struggled with her self-esteem, and her confidence has deeply suffered.

“I started to cry and said, ‘That’s a very mean thing to say to me. You hurt my feelings.’ She said, ‘Well, if you can’t handle that, then I don’t know what to tell you. People will be a lot meaner,'” she continued.


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