He Bought His 12-Year-Old Son A Gift Card To Buy Makeup For His Birthday, And His Ex Got Mad At Him For Supporting His “Feminine Interests”

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It’s a shame when a kid is not accepted for who they are by their parents. One man bought his 12-year-old son a gift card to Sephora for his birthday because he loves make-up, and his ex got mad at him for doing so. He’s a single father to his son Michael, who just turned 12.

“My son is not who you would typically imagine when envisioning a pre-teen boy,” he explained.

“He’s a fashionista [and] very into make-up. His friends are all girls, and he won’t touch sports with a 10-foot pole. And honestly, who cares? He’s happy and staying out of trouble; I think that’s all that matters.”

Unfortunately, Michael’s mom, Daniella, is always giving him grief about his interests and hobbies. She often tells Michael that he shouldn’t have so many girlfriends and tells him to stop supporting Michael’s “feminine interests.”

For Michael’s recent 12th birthday, he wanted to do something different other than the usual birthday party with his classmates Daniella would throw for him.

Michael then confided in him and told him he’d rather go to see the new Barbie movie with a few friends. However, he didn’t tell his mom because he had a feeling she’d say no.

So, without telling Daniella, he took Michael and his friends to the Barbie movie. He also got him a gift card to Sephora as his birthday present because he knows how much he loves make-up. Thankfully, Michael and his friends had a blast, and it was a successful birthday. 

However, his secret unintentionally got out.

A few days ago, Daniella saw the Sephora gift card in Michael’s wallet as he opened it to take something out. She then got him to tell her the truth about what he ended up doing for his birthday.

JackF – – illustrative purposes only

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